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What Can I Write for You?

Hey there. Jessica Terry, here. I'm a freelance copywriter specializing in the Massage Therapy and Cosmetology markets.
I've studied Cosmetology and had the experience of working on customers in a salon, doing both hair and nails.
I've graduated from Massage Therapy school, gotten certified in Neuromuscular Therapy as well as being trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chair massage, Reflexology, and also performed Sports Massage during my time as a full-time massage therapist. 
So...I know a little bit about this stuff. 
Whether you're using email marketing, newsletters, web copy, blog posts, or some other medium, and whether you're communicating to consumers or other professionals, I've been on both sides in these industries. So I get it. 
Get what, you ask?
You don't have to 'teach me' about what you do because I've been there. And my familiarity will be nothing less than an asset to you when it comes time to write copy to get your desired point across. 
I'm here to help YOU. Just let me know how I can.
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