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  • I was born in Atlanta, GA and grew up in Douglasville, GA, where I still live today.

  • My interests and experience are rather varied: I attended Cosmetology school, massage therapy school (where I got my certification in Neuromuscular Therapy), and Georgia Southern University, where I majored in Sport Management. I'm currently attending University of Phoenix for my Communications degree.

  • I've worked for one of the top telecommunications companies for the past 14 years. 

  • I have a teenage son, Langston (who is now 18 and clearly isn't crazy about taking pictures, as you can see), who shares my love of basketball. I am a big Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Falcons fan.

  • The love I have for French fries, cheesecake, and fried shrimp is almost embarrassing. (A meal is not complete to me without dessert).

  • I'm trained and verified in Direct Response and web copy with American Writer's & Artists, Inc. (AWAI). They are the leaders when it comes to copywriting training programs.

  • Aside from reading and writing, one thing I can spend hours and hours doing (if I allow myself to) is playing Sims. It is my all-time favorite video game. 

  • Fun fact: I've published several fiction novels. They are in the Romance, Chick Lit, Christian, and Women's Fiction genres. I love it.

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